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In this hands-on course, students will learn the fundamental concepts of hands-on precision shaft alignment techniques and laser shaft alignment. Students will also learn the effects and importance of removing soft foot and correcting for weak bases. Class can be individually tailored for the experience level of individual students.

Tips and tricks from years of experience are shared with students throughout the course to ensure they can successfully and efficiently perform precision shaft alignment in the field.

Prerequisites: 1 – 3 years hands-on maintenance experience Candidates should be able to manipulate simple algebraic equations, use a scientific calculator or smartphone applications.  

Certification Exam: 20 questions, 2 hours time limit, closed book, passing score is 75% correct.

Course Length: 24 Hours

Alignment Course Objectives:

  • Understand why properly aligned shafts are part of precision maintenance techniques and the short and long term benefits of properly aligned equipment.
  • Know the essential tools and equipment needed for proper shaft alignment, proper shimming practices, techniques for measuring and removing soft foot.
  • Calculate shim changes and perform rough-in shaft alignment using a variety of precision tools.
  • Calculate shim changes and perform hands-on precision shaft alignment using face/rim and double reverse shaft alignment using dial indicators.
  • Perform laser shaft alignment using the student’s laser.
  • Calculate and compensate for thermal expansion and contraction of both the drive, intermediate and driven units.
  • Calculate and perform alignment on cooling tower fans with spooled couplings.