CSU Formula SAE Race Car

Pioneer Engineering has been supporting Colorado State University Formula SAE team for the past three years. Formula SAE is the largest collegiate design competition in the world and is sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The goal is for universities to design, build, test and demonstrate an open-wheeled prototype vehicle for the weekend competition market. The competition is broken up into four dynamic driving events: Autocross, Endurance, Skidpad and Acceleration; and three static events: Design Judging, Cost Review and Business Presentation. During the static events the students are interviewed by industry professionals on their design and knowledge of the dynamic systems of their vehicle.

The CSU car was originally built for the internal combustion competition.
To keep up with changing technology, the team has decided to build a car for the electric competition. These projects and competitions are fun and provide invaluable experience for the students through engineering practice, team collaboration and real-world interaction with manufacturing sponsors.