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Creating a Rotor Kit to Enhance Vibration Training - Tyler Faucett, Mechanical Engineer

In most all industrial plants you will come across machinery running at a high enough speed or load that rolling element bearings cannot be used because of their short lifespan of the high vibrations produced by the equipment. In these applications fluid film bearings are used.

The Importance of Collecting Baseline Measurements on Reciprocating Equipment - Michael Dennison, Mechanical Engineer

Reciprocating equipment are critical pieces of equipment for many applications in various different industries.

Gearbox Condition Monitoring through Used Oil Analysis

This case study summarizes continuing cost saving benefits to the City of Ft.

)il Viscosity - Reliability Specialist

Is Your Facility Making the Grade???

The Pioneer Reliability Assessment Aims to Score Facilities Current Reliability Practices while Providing Ways to Improve

Reliability Improvement: The Next Step After Condition Monitoring

I find that in today’s economy, many of our clients have added, or are attempting to implement, an effective condition based maintenance program.  These clients understand the value of this type of program over and above the traditional time-based maintenance strategies.
Machine Lubrication

Machine Lubrication: Where to Start and How to Maintain

When discussing machine lubrication techniques and associated maintenance tasks with industry personnel, I often hear the same story…  “Once a month, we fill it up until it’s full.”  This story can unfold further to reveal that every piece of machinery under such a program receives the same type

Quantifying Vibrations: Choosing the Right Units

Vibration is motion, and as with any form of motion there are multiple ways to quantify these values. When I think about cars I am typically interested in how fast the car can accelerate, and what velocity or speed it can get up too.

mathematical models / Shawn Hempel/

How your Equipment Generates a Mathematical Model

Vibration analyst use multiple tools to predict a potential fault in a machine; from transducers to accelerometers, the toolbox for vibration analysts is continually expanding to allow for more comprehensive and accurate data collection and interpretation.

Determining Proper Equipment Data Collection Intervals

In a condition monitoring vibration program, determining the appropriate intervals of data collection is just as important as the data that is being analyzed.