Expert Condition Monitoring Program now offered at Pioneer Engineering


Is Your Condition Monitoring Program Ineffective?

If so, then there could be many problems you are dealing with such as:

  • Routes are missed because your staff is too busy doing other things
  • Turnover of employees makes you start over on training
  • Your program is limited to one technology instead of the full suite of vibration, oil analysis, infrared and ultrasonic monitoring
  • You’re spending time and money being reactive because your program doesn’t catch all the problems it should
  • You’re not getting expert analysis of the data you do collect

The Solution:

Pioneer Engineering is pairing up our ISO Cat I Techs with our Cat III Engineers to offer your site expert condition monitoring at a price competitive with an internal program.


  • You’ll never miss another scheduled condition monitoring route
  • You’ll have all your data analyzed by CAT III engineers
  • You don’t have any costs for training, hardware or software
  • Every condition monitoring technology utilized – vibration, oil, infrared, and ultrasonic
  • Our technicians stay well trained and up to date on the latest analysis techniques and interpretation
  • Whether we use your hardware/software or ours, you own the data
  • No headaches, no hassles…it just gets done right


Let Pioneer Engineering do for you what we do best…machinery health condition monitoring, letting you stay
focused on what you do best…running your operation!

Perfect for corporations to get all your sites expertly covered AND save money.  

Give us a call at 970.266.9005 or email for more information on programs and pricing.