Pioneer Engineering Offers Reciprocating Equipment Analysis Services


Our Reciprocating Equipment Analysis Service is used to determine performance and overall health of your equipment. Relevant equipment includes reciprocating engines and reciprocating compressors including integrals, separable engine-compressor, and electric motor driven compressors. This type of equipment is commonly found in natural gas production, refineries and chemical plants. 

Our compressor performance data includes throughput, horsepower, efficiency and valve performance. Engine analysis will give horsepower, efficiency and mechanical condition including ignition. 

Our analyst will give you a detailed report including defects and equipment condition including all performance data. Recommendations will be given specific to deficiencies. 

Mechanical faults diagnosed include valve defects, rod reversal, rod load, loose reciprocating components (piston, jam nut), excessive clearance (crosshead shoe, wrist pin, con rod bearings, main bearings), piston rings and liner leakage, ride band wear, unloader problems. 

Our engine performance data will show valve train timing, sticking, worn valves, improper valve lash. Piston, rings, wrist pin, and bearing condition. Slow speed engines allow for cylinder pressure data which allows for peak firing pressure, compression and blowdown signatures. 2 stroke engine analysis can monitor port conditions. 

Ignition diagnosis includes voltage (primary and secondary), coil ring down, ionization voltage, ignition angle, and misfires. 

Your auxiliaries will also be monitored, such as superchargers, turbos, oil pumps and water pumps. 

FFT data is collected and used to define frame movement from foundation problems and/or cylinder movement from loose supports and bolt stretch. FFT analysis is also used to analyze bearing and crosshead faults. Any electric motors you have can also be monitored with this technique. 

Our analysts can find deficiencies before conventional techniques. For example, valve leakage can be seen before valve cap temperatures elevate drastically. 

Analysis can be done to aid in trouble shooting or as a condition monitoring program. A Pioneer Engineering analyst can routinely perform services pertaining to both. Our analysts can fill the need for companies who don’t have analysts, or we can help when companies are shorthanded with their own. Pioneer analysts are experienced in many environments including refineries, natural gas distribution, and chemical plants. 

Our reciprocating equipment analysis includes:

  • Valve defects
  • Leaks or excessive wear on rings, packing or rider bands
  • Poor or improper operating clearances
  • Efficiency and economy of machinery
  • Piston or liner problems
  • Potential harmful rod load and reversal conditions
  • Internal impacting of reciprocating mechanisms
  • Poor or improper air-to-fuel ratio
  • Bad ignition timing
  • Overall mechanical condition

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