Is Your Facility Making the Grade???

The Pioneer Reliability Assessment Aims to Score Facilities Current Reliability Practices while Providing Ways to Improve

Pioneer Engineering is developing a new program to assist our clients with improving their overall reliability program. The Reliability Assessment Tool will assess a facility's overall maintenance and reliability program using questions about current procedures and policies. The answers to this assessment will provide Pioneer with a better understanding of current reliability and maintenance performance. From this assessment, Pioneer will provide a report to the client analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of current programs, as well as a ranking of their current programs against other clients in similar industry. 

The reliability survey will cover various different topics, including: reliability focused projects, reliability centered operations, preventative maintenance, condition monitoring, reliability centered corrective maintenance, asset management, materials handling, CMMS, as well as reliability management and improvement. Questions regarding each of these topics allows Pioneer Engineering to build a clear picture of what programs and procedures are currently developed and performed, how effective the maintenance and reliability programs are, and what can be done to improve their performance. 

The Reliability Assessment can be used by each facility to identify important steps to improve their own facility reliability, to assist in the development of budgets, and to quantify current program quality compared to your facility's past data or that of other facilities in similar industries. The overall goal is to help improve overall facility reliability, and the Pioneer Engineering Reliability Assessment can be a great first step in leading the way. 

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