Reciprocating Equipment Analysis Services

Our reciprocating equipment analysis evaluates both the mechanical performance and machinery condition to determine asset efficiency and economical operation.

Pioneer Engineering utilizes an array of measurements including vibration, pressure, ultra-sonic, and encoder data to analyze reciprocating machinery. With the Windrock 6320/PA data collector and our experienced analysts, Pioneer Engineering’s reciprocating analysis evaluates the mechanical health and performance of your equipment, providing immediate information that is used to help minimize unexpected downtime.

Reciprocating Compressor analysis

Our reciprocating equipment analysis includes:

  • Valve defects
  • Leaks or excessive wear on rings, packing or rider bands
  • Poor or improper operating clearances
  • Efficiency and economy of machinery
  • Piston or liner problems
  • Potential harmful rod load and reversal conditions
  • Internal impacting of reciprocating mechanisms
  • Poor or improper air-to-fuel ratio
  • Bad ignition timing
  • Overall mechanical condition

Pioneer’s regularly scheduled condition monitoring and on-site or remote analysis services, coupled with our thorough diagnostic reporting and troubleshooting gives your maintenance team the tools and information they need to prevent failures and better manage current maintenance schedules. We provide your team with clear reports and recommendations and will work with you, side by side, in creating and implementing long-term maintenance strategies for all of your reciprocating machinery.

To learn more about our reciprocating analysis services and to set up a no obligation consultation, contact our sales team.

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